Harmony | Collaboration | Quality | Efficiency

Simplified offers marketing operations and voice over services for organizations by focusing on harmony, collaboration, quality and efficiency. By striving for simplicity using these four tenets, we refocus and streamline brands to ensure a quality experience.

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Jessica de la Torre Maxson, Principal

Simplified is truly my passion project because I enjoy helping people and love to create order out of chaos. Happiness is what I feel when I’m able to simplify the lives of my friends and family (and the occasional flight seat mate or friendly stranger). I work with clients through harmonious collaboration. The goal is seamless integration of the Client’s insights into actionable ideas and processes to bridge the divide between quality strategy and efficient execution.

Using organizationally-focused tools and processes that I have crafted and cultivated through my marketing career, I help businesses streamline and focus. Driving efficient strategies to maximize growth, both externally and internally, is a significant factor in the simplification process. Utilizing digital marketing and voice over as evolutionary forces elevates the organizational outcome. Let’s collaborate and discuss your needs, then we will work together to make it happen. For me, a harmonious client-consultant dynamic is key.


My husband, Thomas Maxson, and my brother, Matthew de la Torre, collaborated to design the Simplified logo. The Simplified logo is based on our joint support of Project Semicolon and mental health. Upon first review, the design instantly clicked for Simplified, especially the semicolon (as it looks like a stylized “J” for Jess), but also the four yellow circles denoting the Simplified core values of Harmony, Collaboration, Quality and Efficiency.