Help, that’s what I’m here for. Helping people streamline their lives in any aspect, whether it’s personal or professional, brings me joy. so grateful to have worked with such amazing human beings along the way.

“Jessica completely turned my life around. Before her, I had no structure or system in place when it came to organizing or finances. I learned more from an hour of talking with her than I learned in all my years of school combined. You can tell she’s genuinely passionate about helping people!”

– Alice A. | Digital Organization Client

“MY ONLY REGRET is that I did not start working with Jess Maxson sooner than I did! I can’t even begin to say how much weight this woman has taken off my shoulders! She has effectively and successfully scooped up all the projects that that I needed to do but never got to because : A) I didn’t have the time, B) I thought I would never find someone who could do these projects with the quality I wanted to represent my companies and C) If I did, I figured it would be too difficult and take too much time to explain exactly what I was looking for and then D) I would feel the need to micromanage using more of the time I didn’t have in the first place. So basically, Jess was the person I was searching for but thought did not exist! She was quick to get down to the nitty gritty of what I looking to accomplish because she knows how to listen to her clients and focus on their needs. She not only understood exactly what I was looking for, she was able to expand on my ideas for a better outcome that I’d ever imagined. I’ve already hired her to work on a project for one of my other companies and look forward to reaping the rewards of her assistance. Would I recommend her? Well, I don’t really want to compete for her time and talents with others, but can’t deny that she is the best.”

– Dr. Ruth B. | Brand Management Client

“Jessica is a dedicated professional who I highly recommend. Her professionalism is second to none, and it shows in all aspects of her work. She is able to combine both the knowledge of her client as a person, as well as her knowledge of their business, and tailor her services perfectly to meet the needs of both. I refer her to any owner and/or business in a heartbeat.”

– John F. | Brand Management Client

“My old website, which had been created by another company, had been hacked and was no longer secure. As an attorney, I had to ensure that clients searching for information about me on the Internet were not redirected to a faux site. I retained Jess to secure and update the site. Jess secured the site and updated it promptly and professionally, and she helped me learn the new navigation tools for the site. I am extremely happy with the website services Jess provided and I highly recommend her.”

– Steven R. | Brand Management Client

“Jess completed a major overhaul of our social media and member communications efforts in a very short period of time. She performed miracles, quickly and effortlessly, all while maintaining poise and enthusiasm. Jess was concise while being thorough, and performed flawlessly during an important time of renovation for our Alumni Club.”

 – Christina S. | Brand Management Client

“Working with Simplified was an absolutely amazing process! Jess walked me through the start-up of my company & I couldn’t be more thankful for her patience and professionalism. There were never any moments of panic or concern because Jess had an answer at every turn. Many praises to Simplified & all of its wonderful services! I look forward to working with Jess again and again.”

– Lawnette M. | Brand Management Client

Jess is a God-send to anyone who needs organization or planning of any sort. She has helped me with both personal and professional projects. On the personal side, she helped me plan my wedding which turned out to be flawless thanks to her attention to detail. Professionally, she has helped me organize my business to prepare for the hiring process. I can’t say enough how grateful I am for Simplified by Jess.

– Lourdes G. | Event Planning and Brand Management Client

“Jess helped me tremendously over the course of several appointments. We took each room at a time. She has the right combination of sensitivity and organization when trying to help you make the right decision in keeping something or removing it from your home!”

– Diane H. | Home Organization Client

“For years I attempted to organize my world by reading organization books and spring cleaning, but nothing lasted. Jess’ intuitive approach to organization ensured every item had a home, opened up new spaces, and changed how I live. The methods she taught me enabled me to maintain my organized home long term. It makes such a big difference having someone go through your house with you, create a custom plan for your needs and educate you on how to be organized – how to simplify and structure with what you have.”

– Rebecca M. | Home Organization Client

“I’ve known Jess for 10 years. We worked together in advertising, and she also helped me purge my worldly things before a big move. And let me tell you, she is a no-nonsense lady. I mean that in the very best sense of the word! She will give it to you straight 100% of the time, her word is her bond, and as a bonus, she is the most organized person I have ever known. Anything you need, she will go above and beyond to make sure you are completely happy.”

– Maryl B. | Home Organization Client

“Jessica and I planned a wedding about 18 months ago together. She is one of the most organized planners I have ever worked with in my career as a Director of Catering. Her planning spreadsheets, floor plans and meeting recaps were precise and thorough – they were constantly used as references throughout the planning process and during the wedding, as well. Jessica always has a happy disposition and utilized an effective way of communicating all aspects of the event details with the team. She treated the entire staff with an enormity of respect, and on the flip side the event ran flawlessly. Jessica’s menu design was very creative and thought out beyond belief! Given that a wedding at this venue was certainly a first, Jess displayed a masterful understanding of how to transform the spaces into wedding ceremony and reception areas. I recommend Jessica for any event.”

– Phil C. | Event Planning Client

“Moving is such a stressful task, and combining that with the aftermath of a wedding with gifts and tons of extra stuff was truly overwhelming. After the renovations to our new home, we started unpacking all of our stuff (old and new) to see what we had to work with. Even with multiple donation pick ups, it seemed we would never find a home for every item we acquired. Jess came over and went through all of our housewares and kitchen appliances to purge all the unnecessary or duplicate things. She then helped by finding the cabinets and drawers best suited for everything based on how often we used them. The kitchen, for me, was the most daunting room to tackle with unpacking and organizing. I am beyond thrilled with how the kitchen turned out, and I can’t thank Simplified by Jess enough for alleviating so much of my stress! I can’t recommend her enough!”

– Lauren M. | Home Organization Client

“Being engaged is amazing, but wedding planning can be stressful! Jess provided all the tools I needed to organize everything from the budget to the day of timeline for our wedding. We couldn’t be happier!”

– Nicole G. | Event Planning Client

“Jess guided me through an analysis of my finances and created a tailored financial overview, as well as a budgeting plan. We then collaborated to refine my professional resume – I will definitely employ her services in other aspects of my life!”

– Agne S. | Digital Organization Client

“When my husband and I got married, the last thing on my mind was getting everything in place to change my last name. I heard horror stories about the whole process, but utilizing the name change spreadsheet from Simplified by Jess made it so easy! It had everything I needed to get together to change my name along with lists of places to update I would have easily forgotten and not to mention the awesome notification letter template! It saved me so much time in scouring the web for lists and confirming with the different departments to make sure it was current. Thank you, Jess!”

– Lauren M. | Event Planning Client