Support U.S. Veterans with Cannabutter Cookin’

Celebrating growth and health during these tumultuous times, I’m pleased to share that an amazing new client of Simplified has created a cannabis cookbook to benefit disabled American Veterans. In his streamlined and fun cookbook, Coach Marc Connor provides individuals a different alternative to meet their medical cannabis needs, as well as improving their overall lifestyle.

“As soon as cannabis became legal, I’ve been helping other Vets like me move toward living a chemical-free lifestyle… and that includes eliminating pain pills. After my second knee surgery, I realized that I didn’t need the pain pills the doctors prescribed. Cannabis worked better! Ever since, I’ve been cookin’ with cannabis… and helping others learn how to do the same.”Coach Marc Connor, a disabled Navy Vet and Cannabis advocate.

For just ten bucks, evolve your palate from traditional “dank” treats to the edible expansiveness in which cooking with cannabutter provides adults who use it for both medication and recreation. Cannabutter Cookin’ features 25 tastebud-tickling, tried ‘n true recipes including salads, sides, soups ‘n stews, entrees and desserts.

Coach Connor believes in giving back to those who served our country, those who deserve access to resources not readily accessible to them. Because of this, Coach Connor guarantees that (at least) 25% of the purchase amount is donated to Vets.

Click Here – Buy Now + Support Our Veterans today!

This cookbook is work of love as a result of over three years of medicinal cooking.

– Coach Marc Connor

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