• Celebrating Four Years!

    Immense gratitude – my whole being is incredibly grateful for how Simplified by Jess has impacted my professional and personal life.

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  • Support U.S. Veterans with Cannabutter Cookin’

    Celebrating growth and health during these tumultuous times, I’m pleased to share that an amazing new client of Simplified has created a cannabis cookbook to benefit disabled American Veterans. In his streamlined and fun cookbook, Coach Marc Connor provides individuals a different alternative to meet their medical cannabis needs, as well as improving their overall lifestyle.

    “As soon as cannabis became legal, I’ve been helping other Vets like me move toward living a chemical-free lifestyle… and that includes eliminating pain pills. After my second knee surgery, I realized that I didn’t need the pain pills the doctors prescribed. Cannabis worked better! Ever since, I’ve been cookin’ with cannabis… and helping others learn how to do the same.”Coach Marc Connor, a disabled Navy Vet and Cannabis advocate.

    For just ten bucks, evolve your palate from traditional “dank” treats to the edible expansiveness in which cooking with cannabutter provides adults who use it for both medication and recreation. Cannabutter Cookin’ features 25 tastebud-tickling, tried ‘n true recipes including salads, sides, soups ‘n stews, entrees and desserts.

    Coach Connor believes in giving back to those who served our country, those who deserve access to resources not readily accessible to them. Because of this, Coach Connor guarantees that (at least) 25% of the purchase amount is donated to Vets.

    Click Here – Buy Now + Support Our Veterans today!

    This cookbook is work of love as a result of over three years of medicinal cooking.

    – Coach Marc Connor

  • Celebrating Three Years!

    When I started Simplified by Jess three years ago, I could have never imagined what it would be like today. I am truly humbled and grateful – I had the distinct privilege of designing my life around my passions and unique skillset, and I do not take that for granted. I have the extreme honor of serving Simplified clients in so many different industries and modalities, AND I’ve collaborated with phenomenal companies across the country to streamline and improve their marketing, branding and recruiting processes.

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  • Realigning Your 2020 Brand Vision

    We have all been navigating our figurative boats through the tumultuous sea that is COVID-19. At the beginning of the year, none of us knew what 2020 had in store – many of us as business owners and individuals created big plans for 2020 and beyond. However, now we are all in a new world six months later and we must pivot ourselves and our businesses to accommodate for our new normal.

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  • Self-Love in the Time of COVID-19

    Self-love can abate suffering. Between “sheltering in place”, indefinite school closures, hourly workers suffering from shuttered businesses, the general fear felt throughout your body from watching the news and the unknown of it all, it’s no secret that the lot of us are suffering on the inside. Many of us are “keeping it together” for our families, but we need to understand that stress has a major impact on your mind and body – it’s important to MAKE the time for self-care and self-love.

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  • Event Planning Sans Stress

    Events of any sort, whether they be personal or professional, should be stress-free if you start and finish both organized and prepared. If you are efficiently and effectively planning an event, that alone will reduce the likelihood of day-of issues by 80%. The other 20%? None of us can do anything about unknown external outliers or unlucky circumstances – dealing with those takes patience (I’m still learning to be more patient, so that’s not what this post is about).

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  • Celebrating Simplified’s Second Anniversary

    Two years ago, I could not have imagined where Simplified would take me in life. Back then, Simplified was a pure project of love and inspiration to help people simplify as much as I could. I’m grateful to report that it has blossomed into a thriving small business which has truly helped many people in my community streamline themselves in every facet of life and business.

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  • Creating Order Out of App Overload

    Are you impacted by app overload? How many apps do you have scattered throughout your mobile device? Has it become untenable? As a member of the small business owner community, I am aware that time is of the essence. And since there is no way to add hours to the day, with a little prioritizing and organization on your daily device, we can all can save time for future tasks and projects. For example, taking the time to implement organization (such as that of mobile device apps) to help myself stay organized saves me countless hours in all that I do both professionally and personally.

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  • Impactful Client Communication and Tone

    Tone and language are interesting things to deal with when it comes to written communication. When you speak with someone, their body language, tone of voice, eye contact and overall demeanor give you significant clues about what the other person is feeling. In written communication, this instant give-and-take of nonverbal signals is not possible. Achieving the effect that a verbal communication has on other people is feasible in written communication – it is known as tone.

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