• International Travel Packing Simplification

    Given my overtly Type-A nature, all travel plans (domestic or international) are accompanied by multi-tabbed planning spreadsheet workbooks. The workbooks are complete with detailed luggage organization information, packing lists, daily itineraries, restaurant reservations, travel times, estimated expenses, etc. The planning of it all is my second favorite part of vacations – the best part for me is to experience time away with people I love.

    My husband and I just returned from a one-of-a-kind journey through the Netherlands and Belgium featuring daily excursions to unique breweries, delicious regional cuisine and cultural tours of historic cities like Antwerp and Dendermonde. What truly set this particular getaway apart from the rest was that I didn’t have to plan a thing (a nice respite from the status quo). Imagine the extent of my adoration for the expertly curated vacation itinerary by two of the most wonderful and knowledgeable tour guides in the world – Dr. Ruth Berman and Dr. Mike Arra of Bon Beer Voyage. Their Amsterdam to Bruges Beercation exceeded our wildest expectations. We returned home grateful for a beautiful experience and happy that we met fellow beer-lovers and new friends, just like our previous trips with them to Asheville and Washington D.C. – if this sounds like it’s up your alley, please check out the Bon Beer Voyage website to book a beercation that best suits you! Let them know that Simplified by Jess sent you.

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  • Inbox Zero is Not a Myth

    There’s a meme floating around out there which indicates there are two types of people in the world. Some are walking around with out-of-control email inboxes in their pocket and the deathly red notification circle which indicates tens, if not hundreds of thousands of unread emails. I shudder at the thought, first with anxiety and then excitement to organize! Then there’s a niche group of people who strive for inbox zero on a daily basis.

    I’d like to point out that these are both extremes – I would assume that the standard goal would be to find a happy medium; however, I am one of those Inbox Zero fanatics. It’s incredibly satisfying to triage emails, it’s akin to the feeling of checking everything off of your to-do list. Goosebumps and happiness ensue.

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  • Polish Up Your Brand’s Press Kit Webpage

    Happy Press, Happy Company. A Press Kit webpage is a one-stop-shop for media representatives, such as journalists and bloggers, to easily and directly read and download important company information.

    This also allows you to provide pre-approved assets they can use within their articles. Basically, it’s the gist of what someone would need to accurately portray your company’s purpose and story.

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  • Solving the Case of Notebook Inundation

    For as deeply integrated as organizational technology is in my everyday life, I continue to utilize the tried and true pen and paper, in the form of notebooks, to capture daily notes, ramblings and ideas. This comes in handy when keeping track of different vendors or clients, planning various events and managing several projects at a time.

    If you’re highly-detailed, then it’s likely you’ll err on the side of organized note-taking for the ability to efficiently reference back to previous notes – however, you may have an abundance of notebooks because you’ll want to keep things separate (especially if you’re over the top and anal-retentive, like me). If you’re not too much into the details of things, then this may be an easy way to create some structure for your personal or professional life!

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  • It’s Beginning to Look a Lot Like Holiday Party Season

    You guys, Fall is here! I love Fall, don’t get me wrong, but Halloween and Thanksgiving are smacking us in the face at stores already. I’m not here to talk about the seasonal decor (not my thing) or the food (however, I could talk about food for days on end) – I’m here for the planning. Who isn’t starting to get their holiday festivities in order? Whether it’s a personal party or a corporate gathering, just thinking about the endless possibilities of spreadsheets, floor plans and schedules makes me want to do a happy dance.

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  • Post-Hurricane Purification

    As a self-declared Floridian (my blood has thinned after moving from Jersey as a child), I have experienced many a hurricane. Power outages for days, weeks or longer have innumerable impacts – not just on your mental well-being, but your physical home as well.

    Ensure to take time to recharge yourself however it suits you best during these stressful situations. Even the most extroverted people require time to themselves.

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