Crafting an Efficient Marketing Content Calendar

Every marketing communications strategy inherently requires a content calendar; however, it’s not all about simplification, but very much adds value in operational efficiencies, as well. A content calendar allows for you to map out and plan your brand communications to ensure they align with strategy, company updates, events and seasonality. If planned properly, a content calendar will eventually increase your brand’s customer engagement and conversion.

Moreover, for those of us who are running small businesses ourselves, it’s a huge help as a marketing tool to maximize your brand’s reach and save you a ton of time. Sidebar: A quick Simplified Suggestion – if you are running yourself ragged at the moment starting or running a small business or side hustle, take a breath, realize what you’re doing is awesome and treat yourself to something happy. For example, my new go-to treat is making time to cuddle and play with our new fur-baby, Gouda Buddha Maxson. Scheduling a massage appointment is in my foreseeable future, as well.

To help your brand, Simplified offers a tailored and efficient Content Calendar Tool Kit which provides you with a harmonious hour-long consultation to collaborate and review your brand’s marketing communications strategy and any possible strategic gaps. Approximately three to five days after our meeting, I will email you a Content Calendar spreadsheet workbook customized for your brand, along with Simplified Best Practices to set you up for continued success. To purchase a Simplified Content Calendar Tool Kit, please contact me and I would be happy to get the Simplified process started to help elevate your brand.

The weakest ink is stronger than the strongest memory.

– The Exponential Growth Strategist

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