Creating Order Out of the Holiday Gift Chaos

People often joke about my incessant use of spreadsheets for everything in my life – I totally get it, it’s a tad out of control. True story – my husband won me over with spreadsheets when we first started dating. He created two shared spreadsheets for the movies he needed to catch me up on (don’t judge me because I haven’t seen any of the Indiana Jones movies) and restaurants that we should try together. I think I knew I was in love when Thomas created a shared Google Calendar as I melted into a love puddle, obviously.

Jokes aside, I can confidently say that my fondness for spreadsheets absolutely prepares us for holiday gift giving (and budget-tracking) success. Fun Fact: I love giving gifts, surprisingly though, that is not my love language (it’s Words of Affirmation). What I love more than giving gifts is organization; hence, for the last several years, I’ve been keeping track of each year’s holiday gift recipients, gift types, mailing addresses, budgets, postage, etc.

Excessive? Maybe, but it’s worth it! During a time for happiness and cheer, many people are often sweating the small stuff which includes the minutiae that is gift-giving. With our tracking spreadsheet, my husband and I get to enjoy the gift selection process that we adore so much and leave the small stuff to the spreadsheets. Given all of the holiday hype, it’s not uncommon to get stressed during the holiday season. Make time for yourself to organize the spinning plates in your brain and start tracking your holiday gift-giving. It’s like a holiday gift you can give yourself every single year.

I believe that the greatest gift you can give your family and the world is a healthy you.

– Joyce Meyer

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