Do you need to ORGANize A cluttered area of your home? Is your email inbox reaching SKY-HIGH numbers? Is Your resume ancient in need of sprucing up?

Simplified tailors digital– and homefocused organization to your lifestyle, so that clients are able to maintain the newly created processes and procedures, which leads to continued clarity and joy.

  • Home Organization
  • Easy-to-Maintain Budgeting
  • Digital Notification Streamlining
  • Email Decluttering
  • Resume Writing
  • Weather Preparedness and Continuity Planning
  • Calendar and Task Process Creation

Simplified’s Digital and Home Organization services are categorized as: Purge Assist (slight modifications) or Deep Overhaul (complete revamp). Simplified always respects the home, space, life and aesthetic of her clients when creating organized spaces. This is a collaborative process through and through, with clear communication and a friendly face.  Check out before and after images of previous Home Organization projects in our Gallery.

Below are screenshots of the shared meeting planners for two previous Home Organization clients to convey the simplicity, communication, structure and dependability which is innate to the Simplified process.



“Jess helped me tremendously over the course of several appointments. We took each room at a time. She has the right combination of sensitivity and organization when trying to help you make the right decision in keeping something or removing it from your home!”
– Diane H. | Home Organization Client

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