Getting Your Office Ready for Hurricane Season

Hurricane season is upon us. Around this time of year, Business Continuity is a phrase that’s thrown around often, especially in South Florida given our annual (and lately very active) hurricane season. What does Business Continuity mean exactly? In brief, it is a plan that keeps your company prepared to continue performing essential business functions, even if a Category 5 is coming our way.

The basics of a Business Continuity plan are communication, protection and continuity. Identify what are the essential business functionalities – what is crucial to keeping the business going versus the nice to haves. Then, create a detailed plan in which each associate is aware of what their role is – phone tree coordinator, liaison with the weather center, company safety teams – whatever it takes to ensure the safety of your team and thus, your business. Follow up could not be more crucial in any other business function than Business Continuity. These are plans created not just for expected occurrences like hurricanes, but also unexpected occurrences like a wave of the flu or a sudden tornado.

Simplified offers Business Continuity planning services to discuss your business functions, best practices to efficiently prepare for a expected or unexpected event and a collaborative effort to create a Business Continuity workbook. Preparedness cannot stop natural disasters but we can arm ourselves with knowledge.

We cannot prevent hurricanes or earthquakes, floods or volcanic eruptions. But we can ensure that both people and communities are better prepared and more resilient.

– Miroslav Lajcak

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