Inbox Zero is Not a Myth

There’s a meme floating around out there which indicates there are two types of people in the world. Some are walking around with out-of-control email inboxes in their pocket and the deathly red notification circle which indicates tens, if not hundreds of thousands of unread emails. I shudder at the thought, first with anxiety and then excitement to organize! Then there’s a niche group of people who strive for inbox zero on a daily basis.

I’d like to point out that these are both extremes – I would assume that the standard goal would be to find a happy medium; however, I am one of those Inbox Zero fanatics. It’s incredibly satisfying to triage emails, it’s akin to the feeling of checking everything off of your to-do list. Goosebumps and happiness ensue.

I promise you, simplifying your email inbox is not as arduous as one might think! Take five-ish minutes a day and see what you can file or delete. You can make the process faster by using your email inbox’s folder, search and filter functionality. It’s even easier and probably more fun if you contact me and set up some time to collaborate and complete your Digital Organization together!

It’s easy to maintain on your own, too, on a go-forward basis. Once you receive an email, or a plethora of emails (as most of us do,) respond quickly. If you can’t properly respond at the moment, you can let the sender know that you’ll get to them as soon as you can with an ETA. The whole point of the matter is to cease procrastinating your Digital Organization next steps and to also file/archive or delete what’s in your inbox. Hence, the satisfaction of Inbox Zero.

Inboxes are meant to be emptied, not used for long-term storage. That goes double for your email inbox, which is far more useful if you empty it on a regular basis.

– Sam Glover

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