Live Your Best Notification-Free Life, Digital Rebel

Quick! Take a look at your phone. How many red notification bubbles do you have scattered across the screen? Do said notifications overwhelm you or bring you stress? If so, be a tech rebel and turn off your notifications – you don’t need to be beholden to your phone.

Leave the notifications on for your pertinent apps – I keep notifications on for phone calls and text messages only. Everything else, such as email, social media, games, etc., has the notification alert toggled off. It makes for a much more efficient and productive day, every day. I access apps as I need them, without their glaring red, nagging, notification bubble eyes staring me down.

Making the switch to living notification-free is not impossible and most important to note, it’s not for everyone. If those little red bubbles are your best friends and help you to stay on task, then keep it going and surround yourself with all of the bubbles. My goal is to help people simplify their lives by creating efficiency within their personal and professional worlds, but only if that simplicity is helpful.

It was one thing to use computers as a tool, quite another to let them do your thinking for you.

– Tom Clancy

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