A Simplified Holiday Interpretation

Since our first holiday season together in 2014, Thomas and I have kept our seasonal decorations simple. A beautiful rosemary tabletop tree here, some seasonally-scented candles there – it’s just that clutter isn’t our thing. So, when it came to a tree for our home, we turned to Not Martha, a super unique DIY blog with tons of amazing ideas for your home. Not Martha presents an amazing DIY idea for an alternative to a standard Christmas tree. Not Martha’s Christmas Tree Ornament Mobile is such a fun interpretation, that once Thomas and I saw it we knew we had to make it happen for our home.

We simply ordered the materials Not Martha recommended on her blog (I’ve put together an Amazon List with the materials needed to create the tree we made using Not Martha’s blog post and instructions) and two days later Amazon delivered our deconstructed Christmas Tree Ornament Mobile to our doorstep.

Thomas and I each armed ourselves with two thumbs of rye whiskey and immediately got to work. Using Not Martha’s incredibly detailed and easy to follow instructions (fair warning – turning the raw materials into the tree for the first time will take 4-5 hours, hence the scotch) we created our own Simplified version of a Christmas tree.¬†Bonus: it’s a massive relief on an annual basis because of how easy the tree is to put up and take down, once the mobile is initially constructed. It now takes us approximately thirty minutes to put it up after Thanksgiving and thirty minutes to take it down after the New Year.

To personalize it for our family, each year we replace one or two of the generic ornaments with personalized ornaments to capture our favorite memories. We have ornaments for our engagement, wedding and trips to various cities. Thomas and I are currently on the hunt for an ornament to commemorate our first fur-baby, Gouda Buddha Maxson. We are looking forward to many years from now when every ornament on the tree brings back wonderful memories. Take a gander at Not Martha’s Christmas Tree Ornament Mobile blog post! It may inspire you to simplify your holiday season, as it did with us.

Happy Holidays from our family to yours! We hope you have a lovely, relaxing and stress-free holiday season!

– Jess, Tom and Gouda Buddha Maxson

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