Small Business Saturday Celebration

Small Business Saturday is by no means a small feat! Entrepreneurs across the United States and in the United Kingdom deserve a celebration in their honor for their courage and rare entrepreneurship qualities that helps keep the world going ’round. This year, I’m celebrating my Simplified clients on Small Business Saturday weekend!

In this last year or so while building Simplified, I’ve met and gotten to know so many incredible Small Business owners and I want to celebrate them all here today. If you find yourself in need of a variety of services, I highly recommend that you send these incredible businesses an email and see how they can help you!

  • Casanova Law, P.A. – Casanova Law was founded in 2015 by Attorney Lourdes Casanova, a former state prosecutor for Palm Beach County who became well-acquainted with the courtroom and its participants by litigating hundreds of felony, misdemeanor and DUI cases. Attorney Casanova’s skill and relationships in the courtroom, combined with her inherent commitment to justice, is the foundation of Casanova Law. Casanova Law advocates for the accused as well as those navigating various areas of Immigration.
  • Lawnette Lucille Personal Wardrobe Services – In addition to Editorial Styling, CEO Lawnette Mundy, is beyond thrilled to offer Personal Wardrobe services. Working primarily within the Fashion industry over the past decade has been rewarding, however it’s been a dream of Lawnette’s to bring her sense of style to people’s everyday lives. With that said, she looks forward to helping you craft your very best look! She even made shopping fun for me!
  • The Meritage Club – Founder, Wendy Poe, has married her passion for making memories through wine and travel, offering The Meritage Club members specially-priced annual Wine Journey cruises and trips to the most beautiful wine regions of the world. Members also had a unique opportunity to learn how to make handcrafted wine from top-rated imported grapes in a private winery located in downtown West Palm Beach.
  • FUTURA – FUTURA promotes a keen collaborative approach aimed to endorse a cooperative positive growth model drawn on its ability to craft successful long-term business relationships, motivated daily by proficient knowledge and expertise with close to 20 years of professional experience executing market driven single use and multi-phase mixed-use neighborhood communities. CEO, Reinerio Faife, is truly one-of-a-kind,.
  • Furey Asset Services – Furey Asset Services combines years of experience in property preservation along with time served in the armed forces. John P. Furey believes in quality, discipline and client-satisfaction. Furey Asset Services specializes in Asset Management, Property Preservation, REO Repair and REO Rehab.
  • Bon Beer Voyage – Bon Beer Voyage is a beer tour company that was created by beer and travel junkies for beer and travel junkies. After numerous requests from friends and fellow beer enthusiasts, we decided it was time beer lovers had the same rights to beer trips, brewery tours and beer tastings as wine enthusiasts enjoy, so Dr. Ruth Berman and Dr. Mike Arra created Bon Beer Voyage, their beer travel company, to share their passion for craft beer and beer travel with our comrades in keg.
  • Moto Red – Over 20 years of design and development experience fuels Ruby Rayne’s every project from concept to creation. Innovative, multifaceted design is just the first tier of the creative process when it comes to providing clients with full service, comprehensive, and goal-centric inventions.
  • Flawless Look – Geri Brown is absolutely incredible at what she does. She has perfected her eyebrow and eyelash craft and it is incredibly admirable in her quality and ambition! Geri is super likable and guides you through the entire process of microblading and eyelash extensions step-by-step.
  • Thomas Reide Global – Jacob Jennings and Jason Gorczyca are a dynamic due when it comes to real estate investing in the South Florida area! Their mission is to help as many people in the real estate world as possible.
  • Women in Distress – Women In Distress is the only nationally accredited, state-certified, full service domestic violence center serving Broward County, Florida. Our mission is to stop domestic violence abuse for everyone through intervention, education and advocacy.
  • doTERRA – Sheryl Bialo’s passion is sharing her dōTERRA world with new people. Being able to be of service and do her part brings Sheryl great JOY!! dōTERRA has many benefits to invigorate and help maintain lives. There are unlimited suggestions for uses of dōTERRA. Some of Sheryl’s favorites are Breathe, Serenity and Onguard. There is a whole “oil” world of wellness and that’s why Sheryl has chosen to be a part of dōTERRA!

Thank you to all of my Simplified clients for working with me on a current or previous project! I am so grateful and only want for you to be happy and succeed! For more information on Small Business Saturday, please visit the U.S. Small Business Administration.

A small business is an amazing way to serve and leave an impact on the world you live in

– Nicole Snow

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